12 New Year Branding Tips for Startups

      A new beginning is just around the corner. Yes, it’s a time of New Year (2014) fresh starts, especially for the startups. Give a new look, by getting your brand image a little makeover.

      You don’t need to drastically change the look of your brand, but a few tweaks of existing designs (includes Logo, colours, Website, Headings, email signatures, and brand icons) could freshen things us a bit.

      Other than the above visual identity of your brand, there is much more to it than just good design.

      Good design is what gets people “through the door” and good branding is what “Keeps them coming”.

      Here are 12 new year branding tips for the startups:


  • Plan for offers with gift vouchers and sponsorship with the existing big brands
  • Make your New Year’s Eve-themed cover photo, Profile picture, Thumbnails
  • Send personal holiday wishes list with inspirational eBooks
  • Write your branding thoughts to the paper and envelope
  • Write New Year blog post and articles
  • Optimize your online profiles with keywords for your industry
  • Invest on storytelling videos and editing tools
  • Always share your solution for a problem through social media
  • Providing branding calendars and collateral’s
  • Join business event, public events and encourage feedback
  • With simple branding message, remind people about your brand
  • Send your new or existing press releases to your contacts

      A great thing to do at this new year start is to give yourself a big old boost of inspiration to spark your creativity.

      Set your goals and plan for the future to create a structure for your year that you can work to. It’s a great way to look back and see what you have achieved, what needs to be improved on.

      Schedules can help too. Writing a list of tasks that you would do an average day working on your brand, and write what parts of the day are busiest, quietest, etc. which allows you to plan upcoming to do’s for branding.

      Remember, everyone in your team is a brand builder. Gather them and have a dedicated session to identify your true focus. Get your core value and make your message in single word, then even better. If not, then try to keep it clear, specific and relevant.

Some of our personal tips:

  • Hard work is hard, but necessary
  • Don’t sell short
  • Know your local creative community
  • Try anything/everything, Love what you do
  • Always document your work
  • Take risks, its ok if that becomes mistake
  • Share if you have the answer for a question
  • Be you, not them
  • Make the things happen by yourself, for yourself
  • Work/life balance is key

After All:

      All we have a list of New Year’s Day resolutions as long as possible as the piece of paper that you wrote them on.

      What is your resolution for the ‘brand’ new year? Planned to grow your brand bigger than last year? Or do you have a new social initiative planned?

      To make the things simpler just write “Improve Our Brand” and focus/refocus more on your brand’s focus.

      With your right branding strategy, whatever your resolution, welcome this brand new year and best of luck in 2014!

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