Explainer Video Pricing and Budget : How to Invest Wisely

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      You may already familiar with all the advantages of having a good explainer videos, like ranks your website better in Google search, increasing conversion rates, clarifying your product and boosting your sales. So, we are not going to bore you again with these points.

      Now, then what we are going to talk about? A lot of people are shocked when they hear about the cost of an explainer video for the first time. Without knowing the production process, how much resources involved in it, especially video quality and its instant credibility many of us is misunderstanding that the price is too high.

      Well, we understand that the main problem for most startup is the cost of explainer video. So this article will help you to justify how much a proper explainer video cost along with its production process and explains you, How should we invest a right amount?

An Obvious Question: How much Costs?

      Is the first and foremost question when we enquire about the explainer videos.

      It is actually difficult to place a figure on how much an explainer video would cost, as it has different client and each one having different requirements and that could be unique. So it really based on the length of the video and the animation style it involves.

      However, we know people would like to know the price before hearing rest things about an explainer videos. so a typical explainer video will cost about $1000 to $5000 per minute, at the same time you should keep in mind that a sophisticated animation video cost can go as high as $10, 000 per minute.

      Have you ever think about the difference between $1000 explainer video and a $10, 000 one? Then what about the difference between $10, 000 explainer video and $100, 000 TV spot? The truth is, “You Get What you Pay For”. But creating a video is not always cheap.

      The below figured video production process are the possible expense and that will help you to understand the questions,

      How the video production budget split up works? And, Where the cost are going?

      In general, a 60-90 seconds explainer video takes 4-8 weeks to complete.

  • Research and Brainstorming (4-7 days)
  • Story and scripting (4-7 days)
  • Voice production and Recording (1-2 days)
  • Storyboarding (7-10 days)
  • Animation and Production (10-12 days)
  • Sound effects & Music design (3-5 days)
  • Delivery and Promotion (2-4 days)

Are you Investing right amount?

“If your business is looking to increase conversion rates, an explainer video may be exactly the secret weapon you need.”       – Andrew Angus

      Before investing money on explainer video, it’s essential to understand how much can be the right amount and what happens if we don’t invest a proper amount.

      A professionally made explainer videos are trending big now, because they are most likely in between 60-90 seconds and explaining your product for users to grasp features and its advantages. However, explainer videos only work if they’re done in a better way.

      A poorly designed explainer video with the consideration of reducing the cost can have adverse effects alone and leaves the viewer confused and turned off. Even we can create an explainer video for just $5. Template makes this possible but they may not have a license to sub-license it to you.

      A minimum budgeted video doesn’t mean that you are saving money, because you are most likely going to end up and having to do things twice which can’t only cost you money but also time and resources.

      If you try pushing the production houses to get a lowest cost explainer video, sometimes you might be unhappy with your video you receive finally.

Ready to Invest? If not:

      When producing a video, production houses don’t do just animation, they really care about producing a video for you that will be more effective, and not only explaining your products, they will also explains the pain of your ideal customers and how your product /service will solve that pain.

      So if you are interested to have an explainer video and still you feel not having sufficient money to invest then don’t go for it. Because a poorly designed low budget video may hurt your customers more than not having one at all.

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