10 YouTube Marketing Tips for Startups to Promote an Explainer Video

10 YouTube Marketing Tips for Startups

      After Facebook; YouTube is one of the largest video sharing communities on E-world. Aside from a source of entertainment, people use to consider it as a great source of information. Now a day’s people love to watch videos in their fingertip technology and make it beneficial for their business. This is a good way of effective online video marketing for startup companies via YouTube Marketing.

      When you plan for your startup, you may already know the value to be on YouTube and other Social Media platforms. If you don’t know how you can make most out of it; so here’s a list of YouTube Marketing tips for your Startup Video.

1. Inter connect your Startup Video

      When you are going to use your startup video on YouTube Marketing, make sure that you are integrating all your tools in throughout the web. It includes your Social media channels, your website; your e-mails (company e-mails), etc. This may really help you for building your YouTube subscribers when you start your YouTube Marketing campaign.

2. Make it interesting and keen for the viewer

      Make your startup video as interested, add some fun elements (WOW factors), that makes the viewer to get hooked to your video. 68% People will remember your video rather than reading your text. Choose an interesting way for presenting you in an exciting manner, which includes color and fun with your Explainer / startup videos. Only thing you should take care is about your message from the start to the end of the video.

3. Make it informative with quality contents

      People use internet and You Tube because they are looking for detailed information, and as you know an explainer video will deliver information better than any other mediums; so before creating your startup video make a research about the need of your target market. There are endless virtual ideas that you can do with YouTube marketing, it needs some creativity and Quality research.

4. YouTube places more weight on your “File Name” than your video description

      YouTube places more weight on the original filename of your video than the title you give to your Startup video when you exporting your startup video from iMovie, FCP, etc; so make sure about your property title file. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in this world and make sure that you are optimizing YouTube SEO.

5. Showcase your startup video in suggestion box by creating your own co-view web

      Every startup video marketer will love to see his videos appearing in the ‘suggestions’ column, with the help of above tip (tip no. 4) by some careful clicking. Start with your own video and clock on a suggested video that is not your own. Spend time clicking around on next set of suggested video’s and inserting our own URL ever so often. YouTube will make its “suggestions” by remembering the web of videos that viewers watch. It’s a bit time consuming process but you are not wasting your time by creating your own co-view web.

6. Give comments, likes, and shares; get engaged with others

      When you done with making your presence in all the Social Media platforms, follow others like you too. Comment on their updates posts, video’s, likes be engaged with them. This will make show case your Startup video and posts, while your profile has checked by your followers. The link will juice up your YouTube channel and help to increase the pagerank of your startup video in Google rankings. Not only that, your comments will help your Startup video will get featured in the suggestions in the side bar.

7. Attractive thumbnail will get you more clicks

      Virtual attraction of your startup video thumbnail will make the viewer to click upon your YouTube startup video link. People will click your Video for just because it appears attractive in the suggestions list given by YouTube.

8. Call to action inside your Startup video

      In your all startup video, place a 10 second screen with a text effect of ” click here for more startup video’s of company X” and use YouTube annotations to link the text to your YouTube channel. Don’t forget to tell people to click the link below / inside your startup video content. It helps to draw a big arrow and make it clear what you expect from the people.

9. Cross promote your YouTube startup video

      Share your YouTube URL to all of your contacts with possible channels. Use right keywords for your video file descriptions, and make it necessary that your explainer video appears whenever someone using words that are our keywords. This also gets a large no of traffic to your YouTube startup video, all of these are some SEO tricks for you to use.

10. Be local and global at a time through YouTube

      Till last year, startup video – even for using international markets – may have been produced in one country but dubbed in English. Today, marketers are creating and posting their startup video in local languages and using subtitles to translate for other markets. It creates a true feeling of the speaker and portraits the company’s global focus. So that people who are belong to your place having a feel of “Desi Company” towards you and make your business locally and globally.

      Once you done by getting your startup video on the page, spend some time for optimizing your content for maximum impact and virality – setup some way to measure your success using Google analytics and video engagement metrics and pay attention to it. Understand which strategy is getting noticed by your customers and make use best out of them and track it.

      That should be a good first set of things to do to get started with a startup video strategy. And of course, this is just the beginning there are lots of options and many creative ways to leverage this compelling medium to aid your goals.

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  1. Thanks for the food for thought! Good point about being local and global at the same time. I will now have to think about that.

    Great tips.

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