15 Tips to Produce Great Video for KickStarter Campaign

15 Tips to Produce Great Video for KickStarter

KickStarter is an online community that helps startups related to any industry raise funds to initiate their creative and innovative projects. KickStarter is able to help artists, designers, musicians, illustrators, filmmakers, writers, performers, athletes and inventors bring their products to the target consumers. KickStarter campaigns are financed through crowd funding within a specified deadline. If the project is not able to collect sufficient funds, it is discarded. KickStarter to date has helped 61,469 entrepreneurs launch their startups and has collected $266 M, out of which $223 M were used towards successful projects.

With a success rate of 44%, KickStarter has managed to collect financing for projects related to theater, art, food, dance, photography, music, design, games and much more. Currently, Pebble smartwatch is a KickStarter campaign that has managed to raise more than $5 M in funds, a record breaker since before 2012 no project received funding over a million dollars. Every KickStarter campaign requires a brilliantly communicated idea in the form of an image, written copy and KickStarter video. Almost 80% of projects have a video for KickStarter fundraising.

A KickStarter video is the best way of telling people about your innovative out-of-the-box idea that will have an impact on their lives. It is more fun to watch video rather than go through several lines of text. Moreover, projects that have a video have a higher chance of being funded quickly and successfully rather than those who do not have any videos. These videos should give an essence of what the idea is rather than spell it all out.

Here are 15 amazing KickStarter video tips that you can use when designing your KickStarter campaign.

  1. Your video should clearly tell about who you are. People will only trust you if they can relate to an individual who has a history.
  2. The story behind the project is always quite interesting. Aspects such as how you came up with the idea, how far has it been completed and how passionate you are about your campaign.
  3. In order to generate funds, you will have to explain why you need them and how you will use these funds during the project.
  4. Explain why you decided to seek funds from the crowd rather than through other means.
  5. Make sure you create attractive rewards so that people show interest in pledging money. Have a personal touch in your rewards rather than those that can be obtained else where.
  6. It would not be a bad idea if you tell people that your product might not be released if it is not sufficiently funded.
  7. Your video should focus on the interests of the audience.
  8. Be sure to thank your audience at the end.
  9. If you are starring in the video, dress decently.
  10. Introduce the people you are working with.
  11. Use humor if you can in the right way.
  12. Give a prototype demonstration for a clear focus.
  13. The video’s thumbnail should be strategic arousing viewer’s curiosity.
  14. Don’t put any copyright music in your video without seeking permission first.
  15. If you are camera shy and not very keen on starring in your own video, you can use an online DIY video maker to create your video in no time

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