Why most of the explainer video sucks? 6 ways to improve your Video project

6 ways to improve your Video project

      If you concur with the maxim, A Picture speaks a thousand words, then extrapolate and imagine the power of video and immense number of words and tedious explainer texts it can save.

      With the advent of Web 2.0, messages are effectively communicated to your customers through videos on your website. There are countless researches and whitepapers explaining, the power of explainer videos on the site boosting the conversion rates off the charts. The Explainer videos when produced and presented in a proper sense, produces results in an unprecedented way.

      But the sad part is since the Explainer video production has become more of a norm, most businesses produces videos of less quality which more often confuses, even leads them astray from the core intentions of the visitor.

      In the first case why does most of the explainer videos are stale and boring?

Too long and tedious videos

      Long Videos are bad; the quality of a video can be gauged by two factors,

  • The total number of times the video has been watched fully.
  • The number of times a particular video was rewatched.

      So most of the time visitors don’t have enough time or patience to watch long tedious videos.

      Information Overload, Dumping too many facts into a single video.

      One feature at a time, Most of the bad explanatory videos cramp and confuse the watcher with information overload which more than often confuses the visitor.

Bad multimedia quality

      One common aspect of all the bad explanatory videos is its bad audio and video quality, which in turn reflects badly on the services.

Bad scripting

      Scripts play the heart and soul of a video; most of the bad videos have confusing scripts, with no aim or natural flow what so ever, which does more harm than good in confusing the watcher.

Lack of humor and life

      Bad videos universally lack life, enthusiasm and the human touch to it. Most of the time a monotonous automaton like voice reads it over which questions the very existence of such videos.

Videos laden with technical jargons and lack of Authority

      Most of the bad videos are scripted with technical parlances understood by only a select erudite few; Difficulty in comprehending creates doubts in the minds of the visitors and hence they bounce off from the website without converting.

      Below listed are the ways to can make your explainer videos awesome.


      Just like the movies, the success of an explanatory video depends on the way the video is scripted. Most of the videos out there exist without a proper beginning, an end and a core message. The best way to go about planning for scripting is through questionnaires like,

  • Is this video really needed?
  • What is this video for?
  • What compelling message does it communicate?
  • Who is this video intended for?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • Nature and tone of the video?
  • Can it be made into a single short video within 90 seconds?

Embrace K.I.S.S. (Keep It Short And Simple)

      As the Bard himself has put “Brevity is the soul of wit”, keep your videos as short as possible. A typical person who is browsing the Internet has been continuously bombarded by thousands of facts and persuasions and they really don’t have the luxury of time to watch a video of epic proportions (length).

      The best strategy would be, just fix on a single subject matter be it a feature or an offer and create a video on it. Ideally the best industry standard is creating multiple numbers of short pithy videos, which would work wonders for you.

      When it comes to the length of the video, 90 seconds seems to be a magical number, which is neither too long nor too short.


      No one really likes watching videos, which are blunt, mundane, and monotonic read by an automaton. The best way to spice up your video is add humor naturally. Humor helps greatly to increase the stickiness factor and also helps improving the retentivity of the video with the user.


      Just like humor, one other way to beat the monotonous and boring nature of a video is adding pertinent, natural music on the background, which greatly increases the viewing pleasure of the visitor.

Voice Over

      Voice of the narrator is the soul of your video, No wonder voice over artists like Mike Myers earn $700 million on providing voice over for animated characters. It doesn’t mean your narrator must have a ravishing voice, No, in most cases be it male/female narrators with a neutral accent, and clear pronunciation and intonation is more than sufficient.

Call To Action

      So back to square one, the question, why would you or what is the reason for the video, is it going to be a subscription, purchase of a product, sign up for a demo or contacting you? How would you want the visitors to convert into your customer? Ideally by placing a call to action button to help them finish their goals.

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