Autographic Insights – No More Spreadsheets and Charts

      Reporting no longer has to be boring with Autographic Insight. You don’t have to rely on the conventional spreadsheets and charts. Their drab design and plain Jane appearance is enough to put a person to sleep. Businesses today want reports that let them know how their business is performing while being interesting at the same time.

      Then there is the small matter of sharing the reports across multiple platforms and devices. All of this can be achieved with a simple online resource, Autographic Insight. You can get the tools you need to make the reports of any business interactive and relevant to the client. No longer do you have to create slides or PowerPoint presentations. Just create and share via smartphone or tablet.

      Your clients would be able to view the reports on the go. Plus, you can provide them a comparison of internal business data with the global industry trends to offer better insight. They wouldn’t be complaining about the reports not being interesting any more. Since you can customize your reports according to the specific needs of a business, they are more credible and authentic. Add this to the visual appeal and convenience they provide and you have a surefire formula for getting your clients to love you.

      The concept of Autographic Insight is interesting and fresh required a motion graphic cartoon using 2D imagery. The overall effect of the animated explainer video for the startup gives you a solid idea of what the platform is all about and how you can benefit from it. You can easily make your reports interesting with Autographic Insight.


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