Mindflash: Free Your Time & Mind in a Flash

      Mindflash is an online training course application. It provides companies the solution of uploading all their training material online and then sharing it with their employees through the application. The application will manage the training, quizzing and surveying process. That’s not all.  This application can also be used to sell training material to anyone across the globe. It will manage the entire billing process.

      To use Mindflash there is no need to install any sort of software, just internet access is required. It frees your time from unnecessary stress and manages these time consuming tasks. Now you can utilize your time fully.

Video Review:

      To explain how their training process works and the ides of their startup company, they have used a startup pitch video. The notable features of this video are:

  • 2D animation is used with cartoon graphics to make it fun to watch.
  • A story-telling theme is given to the whole video so that the viewer can actually relate the problems that they face with what is shown in the story.
  • Typography is used to emphasize on certain terms.
  • The solution i.e. ‘Mindflash’ is presented so that it seems to be a revelation.
  • Advantages of the product are mentioned in the startup video demo.
  • Appealing colors are used along with the corporate colors and the Mindflash logo is repeatedly shown in the video.

      The explainer video is present on the Homepage of their website so that every visitor can instantly get an idea about their service.


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