Sevenly: Using Art & Community to Raise Charity Funding

      Sevenly is a charitable organization that operates through their website. Their concept is slightly different for raising funds for various charities. The organization is called Sevenly because it works around the number seven. Every week they have a new charity for seven days that they gather funds for. They design a tee-shirt for that charity and it is available for purchase for only seven days only. From every purchase $7 are given to that charity.

      If you can’t make a purchase just share the cause on your Facebook or Twitter account and spread the word. A target is set for each cause and you can view it by going to their site. To explain how the whole thing works they have made a demo video. Startups really need to focus on such explainer videos to pitch their idea properly.There are thousands of charitable organizations out there, but Sevenly makes you feel the connection.

Video Review:

      Notable features of its video are:

  • Typography and motion graphics have been used to explain the idea.
  • It is interesting to note how they have used the colors: white, green, grey, black, blue and orange through the video. These are their corporate colors and they have been embedded in the video with a lot of care to the graphics.
  • Touching has been used in the beginning while discussing the tragedies of homelessness, sexual trafficking, etc.

      Their video has been the main cause for making their charity so popular. A look at one of their causes shows more than 3 million shares on Twitter and Facebook, combined. This shows that their startup videos that they create every weak are making the big difference that they needed.


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