Talkbin: Helps You Find Out What Your Customers Want to Say

      Talkbin is a product by Google. The basic idea of all their products has always been to make is easier for the customers or users to voice their opinions so that they can get what they want. Something similar is happening with Talkbin as well. Think of it as a digital comment card that allows the customers to directly send a private text message to the business owner. The business owner can then reply directly to the customer and all this takes place in real time without exchange of personal information. It is also available as a smartphone application.

      Hearing the customer’s voice is extremely important for every business. Therefore, Talkbin revolutionizes the whole customer feedback idea by allowing anonymity and instant delivery. Even though Google is not a new company, this product is completely new and so they have used a startup video pitch for businesses and consumers.

Video Review:

      This startup video demo has some notable features:

  • 2D cartoon graphics have been used with the simple stick-man design.
  • A whitish-grey background has been used to enhance the colorful graphics.
  • The pastel blue color of the Talkbin logo has been used as the main color in the video. The Talkbin logo flashes a few times in the video as well for brand reinforcement. The other colors used are all the pastel shades of the colors of Google’s own logo.
  • Typography is used to show customer’s and business owner’s thoughts making it intriguing to watch.

      Keeping it short the demo video explains the product idea from the customer’s and business owner’s point of view, leaving nothing unsaid.


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