Top 10 Reasons Why Your Startup Needs Animated Explainer Videos

Need Animated Explainer Videos

      Explainer videos are made to inspire people and to excite them about what you have to offer. For startups, the most important element is to gain attention, spark interest and generate business. Animated explainer videos have a deep impact on human psychology, thus allowing startups and other businesses to use it to acquire new customers and build reputation. Explainer videos have helped many businesses increase their revenue by 10 to 15%.

1. Set Yourself Apart

      The World Wide Web is oversaturated with information and it is impossible for you to survive online without much effort. Consumers have a lot of choices to choose from so simply assuming they would choose YOU is a big mistake. Unless and until, you create a unique identity for your brand, you will be there where you started. An explainer video that is able to stand out and go viral will be shared on Facebook and YouTube.

2. Fixated Into Memory

      People remember 68 percent more from watching a video than from reading plain text. With explanation videos, audio and visual senses are tingled at the same time, resulting in better memory of what is seen. Explainer videos are colorful, fun and intelligent, and an interesting way of describing your idea in an exciting way.

3. Gather Mass Interest

      Video have always been appealing since people find it easier to relate to them. It is expected that 53.5% of the entire population will watch online video in 2012. No doubt, people will take note of your startup video and even teasers if they create the buzz. Vooza’s funny video is dubbed as the most hilarious tech startup spoof ever by Huffington Post.

4. Give A Boost To Website Conversions

      People love videos as videos tell a story that is much easier to remember than plain words. For startups, an explainer video is much likely to help the new business pick pace. Explanation videos are best at sparking interest and inspiring conversions thereby generating new business. Dropbox’s success is all thanks to an explainer video which increased conversions by over 10 percent.

5. Give Your Customers A Taste Of Your Product

      Explanation videos let your customers know what your product actually does and how. They would want to find out all they can know about the product before grabbing the deal. Since a single minute of a video is equivalent to 1.8 million words, videos help the audience understand as well as remember up to 68% of what they see in it.

6. Profit From The Viral Nature Of Videos

      Creative animated explainer videoshave an amazing feature of going viral thus taking your product to a larger audience. If it has an element of entertainment, inspiration or wonder, the explainer video will be more likely shared readily on the social media. Visual content has a greater chance of being shared among people thus giving your business the free advertising it needs.

7. Inspire One To Get The Ball Rolling

      A well scripted and designed startup video can inspire a brand evangelist who can act as an advocate for your product and promote it through word of mouth and social media marketing to dozens leading to a huge crowd.For instance, Visually had over 80,000 signups from a video on its LaunchRock page months before it was even live thanks to fans shared it at social networks.

8. Improve Website SEO

      Proper SEO techniques have always been a great element in generating greater visibility. When you post your video on YouTube with a strategic title, a keyword-focused description and relevant tags, you are preparing for a traffic rush to your web page. With 38% of Google universal searches including a video, get things heated up with explainer video production.

9. Buys You Time

      Explanation videos give users insights into a product that allows them to assess it well before making a purchase decision. What this means for startups is that even though the product has not been launched yet, videos give it time to make any changes to the product based on audience reaction.

10. Shrink Any Unsatisfied Customer Base

      Sometimes words simply do not communicate what you really want to. With animated explainer videos, you can better give out product information thus achieving higher level of clarity. Thus would reduce the margin of unsatisfied customers produced after an online purchase since they are in a better position to make informed decisions.

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