SocialGift: Ideas for Group Gifting

      Just as social media has become an important part of our lives, SocialGift introduces the idea of ‘social gifting’. That means that you get together with a group of friends to contribute and buy a gift for a close friend whose birthday, anniversary, wedding, promotion, etc. is about to arrive. It connects the user with online retailers to choose from a number of items that can be chosen as a gift. Then by adding friends from social media sites, it enables you to raise money for the gift. SocialGift will do the rest from buying the gift to delivering it to the recipient.

Video Review:

      The idea that SocialGift is introducing is not entirely new, similar companies are operating with this idea. So what does SocialGift do to make themselves stand out? They contact a startup video production company and get an interesting startup pitch video made. All they had to do was explain the idea and they have a really cool video that explains the whole idea to every person who visits their site. Notable features of this video are:

  • Monotone grayish background that allows colorful images to stand out.
  • Introduces the idea like a revelation.
  • The video is made using cartoon-like graphics to show the browsing experience of a user from social media sites to SocialGift.
  • Story-telling theme does wonders to make the viewer understand how much they can achieve with this social gifting platform.
  • Typography has been used to emphasize particular areas of the video.
  • There is a fault in their video when it start talking about a person named ‘Sally’ to buy a gift for, but shows the Facebook page for a guy named ‘Mike’ instead.


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