Dropbox: A Single Secure Location to Drop All Your Documents

      Dropbox is a virtual place to save all your documents, pictures and other files. This application is available for Windows and Mac PCs and even as a smartphone application. It’s absolutely free. All one has to do is sign up and start saving documents there. Then you can access those documents from every PC, laptop and even mobile you use. As for sharing, all you have to do is choose who you want to share it with and that person will be notified via email and will be able to access the documents you chose.

      Dropbox has made it easier to save all the documents in just one place. That means no more having to rely on things like USBs and emails to transfer your documents from one place to another. And it also means no longer having to save the documents on multiple devices.

Video Review:

      Dropbox has created interesting explainer videos to showcase what their idea actually is and what its advantages are. Here are some of the notable features of their business videos:

  • Using a white background with a grayish tint to keep things simple and to enhance the graphics.
  • Motion graphics have been used to animate the video.
  • The visuals have been designed in an interesting matter to resemble cut out human figures.
  • The video is 2 minutes long, but interesting to watch. It explains how Dropbox works, its advantages and a story of how one person used Dropbox to share documents, images and itinerary for their travel.
  • Frequent display of the Dropbox logo for brand recognition.

      With an explainer video of a slightly longer duration, what makes this video interesting to watch is the right mix of story-telling and information used. So if you want a startup video production that needs to possess a lot of information, then this is an excellent example to follow.


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