Crowdmug: To Go Or Not To Go To That New Place?

      Crowdmug is a smartphone application that answers your question about how a place looks even before you head there. With this application you can enter the name of a place and request a photo or video of it. Add the money that you are willing to offer and the time that you want it in. Your request is sent out on Crowdmug an anyone who is at that place or nearby can take a photo or make a video and send it to you. They get to earn money and you get to know whether you really want to that new place out.

      Crowdmug is an application that has been designed with the idea of helping us make better decisions. The best part is that it actually does that. With the photo or video you can decide if you really want to try out that new restaurant for your date or a hotel you haven’t visited before for a meeting.

Video Review:

      An explainer video on their website gives an excellent overview of their application. Let’s look at the notable features of this video:

  • Uses a light blue background throughout the video, the same color as the logo.
  • The video guides the viewer through how the application actually works.
  • The Crowmug logo is shown throughout most of the video. This is an excellent way of brand reinforcement.
  • Discusses real live examples that the viewers can relate to.
  • 2D cartoon animation has been used instead of using real models for the video.

      The Crowdmug startup video pitch is a good example of how a simple and short video can be used to explain an idea.


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