Uniiverse: Platform for Collaborative & Shared Living

      Uniiverse is a social platform where people can connect with one another and form a collaborative living environment. It allows a user to sign up and share their services and interests with others and add a price tag to it. People who use their services will be able to review and rate it for others. The main aim is to create a positive social and environmental impact.

      This idea by Uniiverse is not entirely new as there are many other social platforms that are focusing on collaborative living. This means that they have to differentiate their service idea with the help of a startup pitch video that can be found on their site.

Video Review:

      Their video is around 2 minutes long and is really interesting to watch. Here are some of its notable features:

  • Simple grayish background has been used.
  • Sketching-style 2D animation is used throughout the video.
  • The video composes of a number of short-stories combined together to form one whole socially collaborative environment. It is interesting to watch how they all come together.
  • Minimum colors have been used. The main colors throughout the entire video are gray, blue and green in harmony with its corporate colors.
  • Typography has been added to make the video even more interesting.
  • Uniiverse logo receives ample attention in the video.

      This startup video demo may be slightly longer than usual, but is so enthralling that it keeps the viewer’s interest captured all the way.


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    Just wondering which company this animation is done by?


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