Gumroad: Sell Directly to Your Followers

      Gumroad is a web-based application that allows its users to connect directly with its followers from social networking sites and sell stuff to them. Now you no longer have to use an intermediary seller to sell the stuff that you create. You can just sign up on Gumroad and post the items that you want to sell there with a price tag. Gumroad will allow you to share with your followers and friends on Facebook and Twitter. It is that simple.

      Gumroad has taken the idea of social networking and selling sites to create a new site that combines both. The unique feature that they offer is that they don’t take a cut from the sales, it goes directly to you. So your friends and followers get great prices and you get all the money.

Video Review:

      As an introduction to their idea Gumroad has created a startup pitch video. One look at the video and anyone will surely have a full grasp on what they are providing. Here are some notable features of this video:

  • The video is only over a minutes long.
  • It is a complete 2D animated video with cartoon graphics and typography.
  • Pleasant colors have been used through the video to keep the graphics subtle and real.
  • The Gumroad logo receives a lot of space in the video.
  • There is no background music.
  • It guides the user on how to use the website using an animated screencast.

      The only thing missing from the startup video demo was some good background music. Even though the video contains a lot of information it does not drag at all.


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