PicsCliq: Helps Photographers Increase Their Revenue

      PicsCliq is a unique web-based service for photographers. At weddings, photographers are hired by the bride and groom, but they don’t only take their pictures. They take pictures of the entire event with everyone. From those pictures the bride and groom get a few select pictures printed and that’s that. Now, with PicsCliq there can be a lot more.

      It is free to create an account on PicsCliq and all you have to do is create an event. Then simply upload the pictures there and they will connect them to the wedding guests through all the social media networks. There are a lot of guests who may also be interested in having a copy of any particular picture. It allows that by giving them options to choose from options like mugs, frames, key-chains, etc. with the picture pasted on them. All the photographer has to do is earn revenue from that.

Video Review:

      PicsCliq may be offering a unique and useful service for photographers, but it is not easy to understand how just uploading the pictures on a website can have all that accomplished. For that reason they have a startup video demo on their homepage. Here are some notable features of their demo video:

  • Pleasant background music with voice-over.
  • Mostly uses blue backgrounds with white text and images, completely in line with the images on the website and their corporate colors. Alternatively it has a white background with grey text in other parts of the video.
  • The video is a combination of 3D and 2D animation. It starts off with a 3D animated camera and moves on to showing lots of photographs in 2D style slide-show. Screencast has been used to give a tour of the website.
  • It clearly outlines how PicsCliq works and its advantages to the photographers.
  • Their logo receives ample spacing in the video for reinforcement.

      Videos for business are made with the main aim of attracting more customers. PicsCliq aptly describes their service and how to use it in a simple and pleasant to watch video.


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