3to30: A Place Where Buyers Meet Sellers

      3to30 is a kind of virtual workroom where buyers can meet sellers. It allows people who have skills to list their skill on the 3to30 website for free and add a price tag to it between $3 to $30. Once they have listed their skills, buyers can choose them for their tasks. There are no biddings or bargaining regarding the price tag as the buyer chooses it themselves. Plus, 3to30 holds payment till the task is completed, delivered and accepted by buyer.

      Unlike the many other virtual work platforms, this platform does not focus on a particular industry or skill. It also allows the sellers to set a price tag and not having to worry about bidding on projects because buyers approach them directly.

Video Review:

      In their startup video demo they have covered every necessary aspect of an explainer video. Let’s have a look at the important features of their demo video:

  • The 3to30 logo is an orange and brown colored cat. Their video has a pale brownish orange background. They have used completely subtle colors throughout the video.
  • A story-telling theme has been given to the whole video showing how a buyer and seller meet.
  • It most importantly brings ample attention to how the process works and what are its advantages.
  • Typography and 2D animation has been used in a good balance, giving the appropriate weightage to each.
  • The 3to30 logo is shown only twice in the video, not overwhelming the viewer and perfect for reinforcement purposes.

      The 3to30 is a good example of how business videos can be constructed with the right balance for maximum impact. If you are spending on getting one made, it should at least cover the basics like this one.


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