Drippler: Take Information One Drip at a Time

      Drippler is a web and mobile application for all gadget lovers. Everyone who is interested in having the latest news about gadgets can use Drippler to receive the latest update and information. All one has to do is choose the gadget of their interest and this application will bring only personalized updates to them.

      They do this by scanning the thousands of sites that have gadgets related information and news. Then they process that data to bring only personalized updates so that you don’t miss out anything amongst all the information clutter on the web. It is every gadget freak’s dream come true. They call themselves Drippler, because they take drips from thousands of sites and give you the ones that you are interested in knowing about. The application and service is completely free to download and join.

Video Review:

      Using a smart startup video pitch they have been able to display their idea quite well.Business videos need to be interesting as well as captivating and this video knocks down both aspects:

  • 2D animation had been used to create a story about how Drippler works and what it is.
  • The Drippler logo is a drop of water in blue color on a white background. Similar graphics have been used in the animated cartoon video to show many drips in blue color on a white background. The three prominent colors of their video are white, blue and grey, in sync with their corporate colors.
  • The video is like a story showing how drips are making people’s lives different.
    Using music and animated graphics this video is exciting to watch. However, it does lack all the necessary information about the service, like whether it is web-based or mobile-based and other features.



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