Startups! Go Magical- Tips from the mystery startup MagicLeap


Hope you have read and relished our article on The Untold Story of MagicLeap – The billion dollar secret startup”,a couple of weeks back. Thanks for staying tuned with us and appreciate your eagerness, to know more. In this article, we layout some magical tips for the startup companies, all inspired from the giant startup- MagicLeap.


Be a wizard

Sounds enchanting. But how to become one? Take that magic wand in your hand to cast that magic spell and shower your startup in that wizardous bliss. We suggest some tips to you to attain this. Let that magic happen, by you and for you.


Magic Spell 1- Unique

Stand out from the crowd. In this dog eat dog day, it is highly essential to sketch a one and only exclusive idea. Doing so, blueprint a market with absolutely no competitors thereby, raising your chance of winning. In that case, MagicLeap has reached the summit of uniqueness. Do not copy anyone’s idea and also create a cannot-be-copied idea. You can take your business to greater heights with with such an uniqueness.

Magic Spell 2- Unexpected

Don’t be predictable. Shock the audience with a surprise. People know well that great things in life come from unexpected places. So instead of launching in a cloud of hype, pitch in unexpectedly. Abovizt, the founder of Magicleap states, “We are definitely blowing people’s minds. They definitely don’t think of it as happening in their own world”. Build such an unforeseen product for your startup.

Magic Spell 3- Never-been-seen-before

A problem-solving product. Not again! Apple’s iPhone does not solve any desperate problem but is a hit as it portrayed that Never-been-seen-before effect. Give a first of a kind feel. Stun people with your futuristic thinking and frame such a business model. As far as MagicLeap is concerned, people think this technology isn’t possible and is 50 years away.
In evolving such a technology MagicLeap will attain that Never-been-seen-before effect.


Be vivid

Show your products as a reflection of nature. People always reach out to realistic and genuine things. Throw your product as so live, so very real, so very present. MagicLeap’s website quotes – Human brain is the is the best display ever made. What a thought of vividness?
Grip the audience attention with such a vividness. Animation can best help to attain that reality.


Be tight-lipped

Do not publicize. But, create fumes of mystery at some quite notable places to light that forest fire across the globe. The lesser information the more scope for curiosity.
Like how, MagicLeap, the secretive startup has yet to publicly describe its technology, and also declined an interview request. The little information that spread like the forest fire is got from the patent and trademark filings.The best hint so far is that it is working on a lightweight wearable that is shipping soon which leaves us clueless.
The first step of the inquisitive audience is to check out the company’s website. With Magic Leap that is not an enlightening experience.The website unveils with a cute video of an elephant calf flying from cupped hands. Next, a page opens where a whale is floating over a beach leaving people in a shrouded mystery.
Till date we are drowning in speculation about Magic Leap beyond an eye-popping video of what the company hopes to achieve with its technology.Thus, gaining its fame from the lesser fumes.


Bet yourself

Set yourself to achieve extraordinary ventures. Challenges give you an obsession to accomplish. Accomplish the best, indeed. Pre-defined objectives always trigger you to work and concentrate more to raise quality products.
Magic Leap’s biggest challenge is to find a solution to place virtual 3- D objects seamlessly in the real world.
But Magic Leap will probably need to make major breakthroughs in computer vision software for a wearable device to make sense of the world enough for very rich augmented reality.Once they achieve they will make the people feel that this is computing for next 30 or 40 years. With such a vision, they triumph their mission.

We are very assertive that the above list will enable you to gain the confidence to leap with that magic wand in hand. Wishes to Go magical! Share your informations on MagicLeap in the comment section below.

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