Amazon Echo : You don’t have anyone to talk? Talk to Alexa

Amazon launches Echo a just-in time informational product, it can be your full time girl friend which is beautiful, knowledgeable, Music-lover, brilliant, friendly, Tech savy, so on….
Amazon comes up with another revolutionary product. Ok lets have a look into the features,

Key Highlights

  • Say “Alexa” to wake up the Echo, thats it. Your super computer is ready for your use.
  • She can quickly share latest news, a quick score update of on going football match, It is something like a searching a content in google without typing. But as of now it is integrated with Wikipedia sources and some common Q and A.
  • Alexa (Amazon Echo) will be your DJ, She throws your favorite song whenever you want. Even it resembles more like an speaker with more height.
  • Alarm, Timers, Lists and other features where you can find in any common self devices.
  • She support human Voice, Fire OS & Android. Also supports browser in desktop.
  • Echo cost you around $99(In discount).

Do you think this device will change the way we live? share your comments below.

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