Recood: Record & Share Your Precious Moments

      Recood is an iPhone application that lets you record and share videos. That doesn’t sound too special, does it? What is different about Recood is that it has a lot of interesting filters in it that make it fun to record videos. Their filters have names like: Chaplin Style, Film Noir, Red Wine, etc. The videos come out looking great and you can share them with just one tap.

      Recood has taken a simple concept of using filters to make videos you record more interesting. Similar Smartphone applications do exist for taking pictures, but Recood has focused on videos instead. It allows the user to capture special moments and add a little extra detail to it as well.

Video Review:

      Take just one look at the Recood website and you can tell that is simply an iPhone application. Plus, there are explainer videos right at the top. Their main startup video demo is made in a very unique way. Here are the features that make this video unique:

  • This video has absolutely no voice-over whatsoever.
  • There is only Jazz music playing in the background.
  • The video shows a group of people using Recood on their iPhone and recording a birthday party/ get-together that they are at.
  • The whole video is less than a minute short.
  • Pleasant to watch.

      The Recood video is a classic example that it is not always necessary to use voice-over or typography to get the message across. A simple video can also get the message across just as effectively as the Charlie Chaplin movies.


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