Flattr: Flatter People with a Flat Rate Fee

      Flattr takes the concept of supporting the content that you like on the internet. As we browse through the internet every day, we listen to music, watch videos, view pictures and so much more. But, there is no way to show our support to the author of that content. The author isn’t making much money from the content either.With Flattr, you can decide how much you want to spend each month and then when you browse the internet, just click on the Flattr button that you see on a website or blog. At the end of the month, it will distribute your amount among those clicks.

Video Review:

      This idea is completely based on social payment. The person using Flattr isn’t getting much in return in monetary terms. However, the idea of having done something good by supporting the content creator that you like is enough to make one happy. To explain their service, they have gotten a startup video demo made from a startup video production company. Even though the video is simple and short, it is interesting to watch and explains the whole idea really well. Here are the notable features of this video:

  • 2D video made using motion graphics.
  • The entire video is made in only green and orange, using the colors of the logo which happens to be their corporate colors.
  • The Flattr idea is explained extremely well using a layman example of how we share cake with our friends.
  • Typography has been used at some instances, along with a display of the Flattr logo for reinforcement.

      The Flattr startup pitch video is a job well-done, but they could have used a little more color with it. After looking at it, it seems like a little too much of orange and green has been used.


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