Top Prospect: A Social Recruiting Site Based on Incentives

      Top Prospect is not just a social recruiting site. It is a social recruiting site that hands out rewards for good referrals. It does sound too good to be true. This web application works like a social recruiting site where you and many of your friends and colleagues can create profiles. Then there are employers that use this application to post job openings.

      This web application lets you earn actual money if your referred person is hired. You also get the option of donating that amount. Plus, you get a good name for giving a good referral.

Video Review:

      Top Prospect with the help of a startup video production company has put up a neat explainer video on their website. Here are some notable features of this video:

  • 2D cartoons graphics with animation.
  • Story-telling theme to explain the whole idea.
  • Blue background has been followed from their corporate website.
  • Text and graphics are mostly green and white in line with the corporate colors. Other matching colors are used to enhance the appeal of the video.
  • Typography has been used to bring focus on the ‘Reward’ feature.

      Social recruiting sites are not new, but Top Prospect does it in a different way. By enhancing the fact that you are actually rewarded for referring someone, their startup pitch video adds appeal and emphasis on the right feature.



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