BetterWorks: Enabling Employees to Perform Better

      BetterWorks is an online perks platform that makes it easier for companies to reward their employees. They offer solutions for companies to create rewarding work environments, allowing the employer to save on a lot of money and time.

      BetterWorks has introduced a new solution in line with their vision of making work rewarding. Their new service of ‘Bonus Bucks’ empowers companies with an instant reward. Using this, the employer can award virtual dollars to an employee instantly based on their performance. ‘Bonus Bucks’ allows an employer to add a wish-note with the reward as well. Employees can claim these virtual dollars for time at the gym, salon or dinner at a restaurant for two.

Video Review:

      BetterWorks has a number of videos on its ‘Feature’ page. Here you can also find a startup pitch video about Bonus Bucks and other services. All these business videos have the following some common notable features:

  • 2D animation has been used.
  • Interesting background music with a slight Rock’n’Roll effect makes it fun to watch and listen.
  • Brand colors are carefully maintained and reinforced throughout the video. Notice how the background is blue and text and images are often black, white or green, the exact colors of their logo.
  • Video mostly uses typography.

      Employee rewards plans like the ones they are offering are very different from the traditional ones that have been used for years. To pitch their new idea to small and medium companies their startup demo video has been the ‘cherry on top’.


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