5 Myths of Content Marketing every Marketer should know

In this current online marketing trend, Content Marketing plays a vital role. It may be of any form starting from inbound marketing to Social Media. You need a very good content to make your brand standout. Most of the content marketing effort is being wasted.  According to Business2community  “50% of content marketing efforts are waste in 2014″.  To make things worse,  the  5 myths stated below will hurt your content marketing effort or even  back fires. It means content marketing is like old SEO, if we did it wrong then our site will face the consequences eventhough it comes with lot of efforts.

Myth 1: Republish the same content to different sites

Nowadays, content plagiarism is becoming a big issue. Especially with brands who outsource their writing efforts. Even a small line of content copy can hurt our effort. We can also see more number of people share copied contents in social media especially in Linkedin Post, assuming search engine rules won’t apply to social channels. But be aware that there is a fair chance of hurt.

Free tools to check plagiarism:

Myth 2: A Longer post is better than Shorter

It is an absolute myth.  Most famous blog that reach millions and millions of people are fresh small content than a big post. People love short and crisp information to get going with their busy schedule.

Also, stop instructing writers to count words before delivering, better ask them to read again for any grammar or punctual mistakes.

Tools :

Myth 3: Assuming Text Content is better for everyone

Most of the content making machines are writers, but  “Content is like an art”.  It needs a Conceptualist, designer and finally writer. Yes, text is important but content in this era works well on images, videos and other forms of visual elements than just Text. Use below tools to craft some nice visual support to content marketing.

Tools :

Myth 4: Posting the most valuable content to Guest blog

Very worst myth in content marketing is , We make so much of effort to write a guest blog in Techcrunch or TheNextweb. We don’t spend 1/10th of its effort for our own blog post. Obviously, results vary, top blogs become better day by day but our own blog dies, shortly. Yes, we should pay some good attention for guest blogging, but don’t dry out all the resources for just 1 guest blog.
Better to make the content worth enough to read.

Myth 5: Most Important : More content = More success

This is totally different from Longer posts. It means keep writing, keep publishing and keep sharing. Do not bother about the audience, also do not care whether the posts are really read. Are we checking our analytics? Is our writing effort really paying off or we just pushing content for sake.

Give the best effort before writing and after writing. It means research more before writing. Is this topic really worth? Does my audience like this? What is the real problem they face? Did my content really work for them?

Also check after writing on, Has  my audience consumed  the content well? or Do they want something different? Instead of pushing more content which is unnoticed; better to create less researched content which gives better results.

Overall, content marketing is a good area to invest for startups as well as corporates. But what matters a lot is the way we do that.

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