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High Quality Animated Video

      Almost 80% of users look for Video in a landing page. A single Explainer Video can increase your sales by 60% compared to the long boring textual presentations. Almost every startup look for video explanation as a prime need while they launch.

What all this statistics talk about? You need a top quality video to get going with your Marketing and sales effort. Video production is always a costly job which involves a lot of work starting from Script writing, Story boarding, character modeling, Texturing, Lighting, Rigging, animating, post production, editing, SFX etc. Considering the budget of small companies we have come up with this excellent deal of animated video (60 seconds) for startups.

Explain + Engage + Entertainment = Animated Video = Happy Clients
Bode Animation

How it Helps me ?

  • Cost Effective. You save $1200.
  • Bode Animation : Most reputed Production house with 500+ startup videos.
  • Very High quality to stand out from competition.
  • Pay just $400 to block this deal.

This Deal Package Includes:

  • Script writing
  • Voice Over
  • Music & special effects
  • 2D animated video

Video Samples:

What are you waiting for? Lots of entrepreneurs have already started using these videos not only for presentation but also for their cool marketing campaigns.

Just order one. You might need a lot in future.