Introducing Animaker Edify!

Animaker recently launched Edify – a creative toolkit for classrooms around the world. Edify is the swiss army knife of creativity for students!

Animaker Edify: An Introduction

Schools around the world are trying to incorporate creativity into the curriculum. Some do it via Creative Clubs while others do it directly in the classrooms.

Edify empowers such initiatives and makes classroom environments more fun and interesting. It also promotes collaboration and teamwork among students through Creative Tasks.

What’s inside Animaker Edify?

These are the main tools inside:

  • 2D Video Maker
  • Video Infographics Maker
  • Poster Maker
  • Presentation Maker
  • Vertical Video Maker
  • Infographics Maker
  • Whiteboard Video Maker
  • GIF Maker (Coming Soon)
    • Edify is the brainchild of Animaker Inc. created with the help of 200,000+ educators and students worldwide.

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